The Press on the location of the essay writing

Although we had no press releases and invitations sent out, but only posted on the social media hints that press appeared quite numerous in our essay event with Amanda DeMarco, Kathrin Passignano, Michael Rutschky and Georg Stanitzek. Allen, who were not there, we have to say that this was a low-tech event without records. So what was remaineth, because of the press?

For example, not live, Simon Strauss in the FAS of 12 January, however, draws a somewhat one-sided picture of the discussion and refers to in this paper as it were, pre-programmed position at the end: “It begins a generational dispute over the sovereignty of interpretation ‘German Essays’, the youth group clearly decided at the end in itself. She wants more personal tone, more investigative background, Joan Didion more-known nonchalance.

But most of all she wants one thing: to rediscover the essay as a form of ‘opinion on life’ (Georg Lukacs) for themselves. At the end of Friday night in the FU so the location of the essay seems better than ever! “Addressed the youth group was the way in essential parts of the specially traveled from Leipzig Edit editors JГ¶rn Dege and Mathias Zeiske.

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