The differences between editing and proofreading

Where exactly are the differences between a proofreading and editing? And where is our power to be classified as English proofreading service? Just in between!


Simplified one can say that a proofreading based on a proofreading, however, is extensive. When proofreading the linguistic accuracy of your text is checked. However, according to linguistic accuracy means that primarily spelling, grammar and punctuation is your text checked and corrected for accuracy. Simultaneously, the semantics, the choice of wording and clarity of your text, in a proofreading but checked for correctness. Characterized the quality and readability of your text be improved.

The Lecturers

The editing includes all the features of proofreading, but also includes the examination of the merits of your text. The substantive audit includes stylistic errors such as inconsistent expression, repetitions, unintelligible or ambiguous points in the text. Furthermore, the verification of the technical subject matter of your text with a proofreading but usually connected. For such editing is needed usually a specialist in the relevant field. Therefore, you should at a pre-editing, always make sure that the editor actually has the necessary expertise.

The English correction service topcorrect offers you a high quality English proofreading, which presents all the characteristics of a proofreading mentioned above. In addition, includes everything but we call English correction also features a proofreading, such as to the substance of your text for inconsistent language, word repetition, and incomprehensible or ambiguous passages. In this case, we select appropriate passages and make you concrete suggestions for improving the understanding of the text.

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