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Dissertation contest on the Common IEP Province

We can now begin to implement the first benchmarks for the preparation of the test program dissertation (see more on on the common support of IEP Province denominates “Contemporary Issues.” A number of remarks sense are controlled by the very title of the event, its format and the same conditions in which competition will be held on: Contemporary Issues.… (more…)

Bár manapság elektronikusan kell beadni, sokan még beadandó feladataik leadása előtt szeretik nyomtatva látni az írásaikat. Azonban, ha változtatni kell rajta, az gyakori nyomtatást jelent, ami viszont manapság drága. Ezért ajánljuk utángyártott toner használatát. Ezek az újraépített tonerek minőségre szinte egyenértékűek az eredeti tonerekkel, azonban az áruk csak töredéke annak. Védje környezetét az utángyártott tonerek használatával, hiszen így csökkentheti a felesleges szemét termelést.

The Press on the location of the essay writing

Although we had no press releases and invitations sent out, but only posted on the social media hints that press appeared quite numerous in our essay event with Amanda DeMarco, Kathrin Passignano, Michael Rutschky and Georg Stanitzek. Allen, who were not there, we have to say that this was a low-tech event without records. So what was remaineth, because of… (more…)

The differences between editing and proofreading

Where exactly are the differences between a proofreading and editing? And where is our power to be classified as English proofreading service? Just in between! Proofreading Simplified one can say that a proofreading based on a proofreading, however, is extensive. When proofreading the linguistic accuracy of your text is checked. However, according to linguistic accuracy means that primarily spelling,… (more…)