Dissertation contest on the Common IEP Province

We can now begin to implement the first benchmarks for the preparation of the test program dissertation (see more on www.a-mentor.co.uk) on the common support of IEP Province denominates “Contemporary Issues.”

A number of remarks sense are controlled by the very title of the event, its format and the same conditions in which competition will be held on:

  • Contemporary Issues. That greatly limits the approach: what is contemporary is our time! Therefore unnecessary to go back to ancient times, or even the Enlightenment. References are those expected of our time and if we talk about this or that more distant literary (Zola, Peguy) is as grip, counterpoint or in conclusion. On the other hand, the title is pretty self explanatory: it is absolutely not a test of “philosophy” or even “General Knowledge”.
  • Three hours! This is the time you allotted. This unusual format should reassure you that nobody expects you to do you demonstrate an academic scholarship, or that you turn into a few weeks experts and Silver Border! On the other hand, you have the option of a two-part plan, probably more handy in so little time.
  • July 1st. Whichever square the contest “run its course”. This means that the jury is necessarily aware of fatigue candidates and little preparation time.

In short: You must dramatize events. Bottom line: stay in good shape to be able to mobilize attention to analyze the problem correctly, avoid the “off topic” and especially write flawlessly in correct French, even stylish.

The official texts explicit in pending jury who wishes to understand the candidate’s ability to analyze and argue about major themes and debates on topical in recent years effect. It is then stated that the applicant will use to argue a varied range of knowledge: economics, geography, philosophy, science news and technology.

It will be understood, it can not be to dwell on historical presentations on money or borders, or recycle, gloss it a sociology course. It is expected that the candidate be informed on the subject, but it also makes the proof of some form of flexibility and “freshness” face to a subject that has a specific nature. Here is a first example of copying on the topic ” The end of frontiers.” The successful plan is binary: two parts and subparts deus per game.

The Press on the location of the essay writing

Although we had no press releases and invitations sent out, but only posted on the social media hints that press appeared quite numerous in our essay event with Amanda DeMarco, Kathrin Passignano, Michael Rutschky and Georg Stanitzek. Allen, who were not there, we have to say that this was a low-tech event without records. So what was remaineth, because of the press?

For example, not live, Simon Strauss in the FAS of 12 January, however, draws a somewhat one-sided picture of the discussion and refers to in this paper as it were, pre-programmed position at the end: “It begins a generational dispute over the sovereignty of interpretation ‘German Essays’, the youth group clearly decided at the end in itself. She wants more personal tone, more investigative background, Joan Didion more-known nonchalance.

But most of all she wants one thing: to rediscover the essay as a form of ‘opinion on life’ (Georg Lukacs) for themselves. At the end of Friday night in the FU so the location of the essay seems better than ever! “Addressed the youth group was the way in essential parts of the specially traveled from Leipzig Edit editors JГ¶rn Dege and Mathias Zeiske.

The differences between editing and proofreading

Where exactly are the differences between a proofreading and editing? And where is our power to be classified as English proofreading service? Just in between!


Simplified one can say that a proofreading based on a proofreading, however, is extensive. When proofreading the linguistic accuracy of your text is checked. However, according to http://www.a-mentor.co.uk/services/proofreading-service/ linguistic accuracy means that primarily spelling, grammar and punctuation is your text checked and corrected for accuracy. Simultaneously, the semantics, the choice of wording and clarity of your text, in a proofreading but checked for correctness. Characterized the quality and readability of your text be improved.

The Lecturers

The editing includes all the features of proofreading, but also includes the examination of the merits of your text. The substantive audit includes stylistic errors such as inconsistent expression, repetitions, unintelligible or ambiguous points in the text. Furthermore, the verification of the technical subject matter of your text with a proofreading but usually connected. For such editing is needed usually a specialist in the relevant field. Therefore, you should at a pre-editing, always make sure that the editor actually has the necessary expertise.

В The English correction service topcorrect offers you a high quality English proofreading, which presents all the characteristics of a proofreading mentioned above. In addition, includes everything but we call English correction also features a proofreading, such as to the substance of your text for inconsistent language, word repetition, and incomprehensible or ambiguous passages. In this case, we select appropriate passages and make you concrete suggestions for improving the understanding of the text.